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A global consumer goods giant requires much more than off-the-shelf solutions
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Canada’s largest freight management company turns to us to do their heavy lifting
Our industry specific expertise enables us to find the right fit faster – giving you the accounting and finance candidates you need to succeed.
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A leading financial solutions provider looks to TFDL to answer their financial recruitment questions
“We have partnered with TFDL for over 11 years. As a public company, we value their consultative approach, integrity and professionalism.”

Thang Trinh, Davis + Henderson

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Placing intermediate to senior level finance and accounting professionals into large corporations on a contract or permanent basis is becoming increasingly challenging. According to a research report published by ACCA, the global finance and accounting industry is facing significant challenges when recruiting talent, including:

  1. A gap between the skills organizations need and those held by finance professionals
  2. Demand for finance professionals continuing to outpace talent supply
  3. Careers increasingly crossing traditional borders inside and outside of the finance function
  4. Organizations pressured to develop effective retention strategies

In Canada, large corporations searching for talent face the same issues as the talent pool shrinks and professionals move in the pursuit of work/life balance and quality of life. And a new demographic of workers is causing a generational society shift in priorities, requiring companies to be more flexible and creative to address resourcing issues.

Large corporations are also faced with increased emphasis on developing collaborative cultures, while facing reduced headcounts and budgets.

As a hiring manager or recruiter, you already face significant personnel challenges. And when every recruit must add value to the organization, dealing with a hire who isn’t the right fit is costly and time-consuming, and can potentially be detrimental to your company. Working with TFDL to find your next hire will save you time and money, allowing you focus on the larger operational issues at hand. We will bring the right talent to your organization. We guarantee it.