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Reduce Hiring Times.

Be presented with the best SMB Controller to CFO candidates, with guarantees and flexible fee structures.

Your Competitive Advantage

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB) employ more people than any other sector,but they are at a hiring disadvantage compared to large corporations. Lacking the advantage of scale, they spend almost twice as much as large corporations in talent acquisition per hire…. Often resorting to inefficient and time-consuming “do-it-yourself” tactics that lead to disappointing and costly financial hires.

At TFDL, we know that small (and medium) can be beautiful – capable of attracting exceptional Senior Finance & Accounting candidates, if the right approaches are adopted. An understanding that has led us to create our dedicated SMB Controllers recruitment team. Expert individuals who specialize in not only finding the best candidates,but critically, working with your business to ensure it is ready to attract, recruit and retain the talent it needs to succeed. The number one-and-two Finance Positions in SMB’s are extremely critical!

Benefits of the SMB Controllers niche solutions

Utilizing world class tools for several years, TFDL has developed a process that uniquely identifies, monitors and qualifies thousands of candidates in the SMB Controllers niche. Clients get a timely short-list of top candidates and fill positions at a faster rate.

TFDL’s dedicated staff immerse themselves in the SMB Controller world exclusively, knowing where to look and what to look for. A responsive, boutique approach that immerses itself in your company and its culture to ensure the best candidate fit.

Industry-leading financial recruitment specialists with decades of experience working with SMBs. Permanent and Contract recruitment (Buy or Rent).

Strategies to help you attract, recruit and retain the best talent.

A clear, honest and transparent fee structure with guarantees.

Access unmatched research and competitive intelligence (who’s hiring, who’s in demand).

TFDL Niche Recruitment Solutions cover all industries in the GTA (Hamilton to Oshawa, North to Barrie) and Kitchener/Waterloo regions.

Focus Levels
  • Finance Manager
  • Controller
  • Director of Finance
  • VP Finance
  • CFO
Focus Types
  • Permanent
  • Contract
  • Interim
  • Consulting

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