TFDL Services

Not all Searches are created equal, our clients can choose the best option for their specific requirements

TFDL Contingency

A great solution for roles that do not involve confidentiality, sensitivity, a high degree of complexity or exclusive focus of a search firm.  Good if clients do not expect a single search firm to fill the role, or if they still want to recruit for the position themselves. This service can be a great supplement to all other search efforts. In a Contingent search, clients take more responsibility for screening, interviewing and negotiating with candidates. There will be more candidates to review and more assessment to perform than a retained search.  A fee will only be charged upon the successful placement of a candidate.

TFDL Retained Search

A great solution for roles that are Senior/Executive level (i.e. Controllers to CFO), of strategic importance, difficult to recruit and in many cases confidential. It’s important to get the “most qualified” for the role.  Most failure in hiring comes from incompatibility on cultural fit and not on technical skills. Finding the best fit is the most challenging and time-consuming aspect of recruiting. A retained search allows TFDL to confidently and aggressively pursue the best strategy for a successful result.  It creates a true partnership with TFDL and provides the highest level of mutual commitment.  All TFDL Retained Searches are given priority status in terms of dedicated consulting talent assigned, time and resources. In addition, a Retained Search always involves the direct oversight of a Partner\Director including detailed interviews with the client to ensure full understanding of the Search and its timelines.

TFDL Contract Placement

We provide our clients with talented and specialized Accounting & Finance professionals on a contract or interim basis.  Contract/Interim hires are great for urgent projects, growth surges, unexpected departures, maternity leaves, long-term vacancies and any other situation where clients need a flexible solution.  From Analyst to CFO, our team will help find the perfect flexible solution for you.

Since 1996, TFDL has been expertly placing intermediate to senior level finance & accounting professionals on a contract or permanent basis.

The key to our longevity is an unwavering commitment to creating outstanding results for our clients – driven by understanding. With TFDL’s staff made up of professional accountants, experienced recruiters and business professionals we have the insight and know-how to address the daily demands facing finance and accounting professionals.

With teams who specialize in serving large corporates or small/medium sized businesses, and with experience of working across a broad range of sectors and industries, we have the expertise you need to address the challenges your organization faces when seeking financial talent.

Let us help you:

Understand your cultural fit

Define the expertise and accreditation best suited to your needs

Identify and source best-in-class candidates, fast

Secure and retain the right candidates with the right compensation package

Adhere to your budget, with flexible payment options that reflect business realities

Fast, Responsive Results

We appreciate that sometimes you need to fill a position quickly, need contract help, or perhaps seek a longer-term arrangement to find your next CFO. That’s fine. Reacting seamlessly to all eventualities is the cornerstone of our service.

We also believe that every search begins with research – we work hard to learn about your culture, confirm our understanding of your business and agree your exact resourcing needs with you.

Our proactive client service means you are always informed of our progress and your questions are always answered. And we guarantee each placed candidate for a full year to be absolutely certain your newly acquired talent is the right fit.

You will experience a difference when you work with TFDL. You will be satisfied – dare we say delighted – with our processes, service and results. In a recent survey, 96% of responding clients stated they plan to work with us again; a testament to the strong relationships we build.