The Right Candidate

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Sourcing best-in-class candidates that fit seamlessly into your business is all we do.
Redirecting in-house resources away from core roles to source financial talent can prove to be a costly exercise with no guarantee of success.

Attract. Recruit. Retain.

Whether hiring for a contract or permanent position, it is critical that you can swiftly and expertly hire the right intermediate to senior level candidate. Partnering with TFDL will give you the competitive edge you need to hire the right financial talent:

Save countless recruitment hours – allowing you and your team more time to concentrate on running and building your business.

Enjoy higher levels of productivity and greater retention rates.

Find the right technical skill-set and accreditation for the job. CPAs, CAs, CMAs and CGAs all come with different skill sets and abilities to benefit your business. We’ll help you to find the right person for your specific needs.

Go beyond the technical skills and accreditation. We work hard to find out about the person behind the acronym to ensure we source the correct candidate for your business culture.

We guarantee that our short list of candidates will be the best list available.